Nov 02, 2021 · In 2022, while the federal minimum wage will remain at $7.25 per hour for non-tipped .... The increase in minimum wage would impact nearly 32 million Americans, a majority who were categorized as essential workers throughout the pandemic. The raise in minimum wage would take place over the next 5 years, in the following increments: 2021: $7.25 to $9.50. 2022: $9.50 to $11.00. 2023: $11.00 to $12.50. 2024 $12.50 to $14.00. This increase will provide those workers and their families a little more breathing room. And because we know that higher wages boost productivity and mean I continue to urge Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, so that American workers can have a job that delivers dignity. "/> Federal minimum wage increase 2022
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